Pioneer Beards, as a brand, takes its inspiration from the 300-year-old British military tradition of the Pioneer Sergeant, who was the only man in the British Army allowed to grow a full beard, in order to protect his face from the heat and slag of the forge. Our axes emblem represents the tools he once carried to do his demanding duties and even today these symbolic axes can be found on the military parade square and embroidered above the chevrons of the Pioneer Sergeants sleeve.

Although some traditions remain with us, others change, and gone are the days when male grooming was seen as an alien concept. Thus, Pioneer Beards have taken our influence from this most masculine of positions and incorporated it into a modern manly maintenance brand, providing you with luxury products to enhance and encourage your beard, whilst protecting and nourishing your skin. Our artisan products are carefully handcrafted and blended from cold processed unrefined butters, oils and waxes, that are then fused to compliment one another, providing a masculine scent and overall beard nourishment. For the beardsman that desires and requires a refined and styled image, our oils, balms and waxes are perfect for achieving styled and sophisticated beard perfection.

We know our trade well and understand that for a beard to remain healthy as it grows, it requires moisture from natural oils. A thirsty beard will become an uncomfortable beard and this can result in itching, dry skin, coarse hairs and unsightly flaking. That’s why our products are the best prevention and the cure against irritated skin, whatever its stage of growth. So, whether your beard is a fashion statement or a lifestyle choice, Pioneer Beards can take care of all of your beard maintenance needs and promises you products only of the highest quality, to ensure your beard communicates the powerful and desirable image of the pioneering and masculine man that you are.


We also recognise that what goes into our products is important to you, so therefore all of our products are 100% natural and are free from parabens. We are also an environmentally ethical and animal friendly company and our customers have reassurance that our products have full EU Licensing and Cosmetic Product Safety Reports. Furthermore, our packaging is responsibly sourced and we aim to use only the finest quality ingredients in our products.