In 2017/2018 Pioneer Beards are delighted to be raising funds and supporting ‘Animals Saving Animals’.

The sad reality is that many protected species such as that Rhino and the Elephant now face global extinction. It has been known for many years that poaching and illegal trafficing of rhino horn and elephant tusk have become out of control. Sadly due to high demand the barbaric killings of our worlds beautiful species continues and at it’s current rate, we will see the demise of the African elephant and black rhino within the next ten years, man has systematically brought these species to the brink of extinction.

Founded in 2016 ‘Animals Saving Animals’ is a relatively new organisation but who have already achieved such great things. With locations now in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania they have recognised that it is time to let other animals assist in the fight to stop poaching. It is with great hope that through the use of Anti-Poaching Dogs, wildlife crime can be significantly prevented.

Anti-Poaching Dog Sections have become an essential part of many conservancies security but to maintain and run these are costly. Each dog costs around £1000.00 every year just to cover feed and veterinary care. In addition to this is the cost of training, protective clothing for the dogs, as well as uniforms and specialist equipment for the whole squad.

In light of this worthy cause we ask all our customers to join us in fundraising to help sponsor an Anti-Poaching Dog. Donations as little as £1.00 can be made via checkout through our website and we encourage you all to help in the fight against poaching and barbaric killings of these beautiful animals.

For more information on Animals Saving Animals or to support them directly
please visit their website www.animalssavinganimals.org.


We are delighted to announce that a total of £4336.00 was raised for Maggies (NE). The money raised will be of great help in running the centre and providing support to those in their fight against cancer.

It is with a heavy heart that Chris’s close friend Beverley, who inspired Chris to raise funds for Maggies lost her battle to cancer in June 2017. Although Maggies will continue to support her family and Chris will continue to raise funds in her memory, this is the reality for many family members and friends throughout the UK and exactly why supporting centres such as Maggies is so important.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone involved, for your generous donations and for following Chris’s Beard Challenge over our social media platforms. THANK YOU!!



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